The Initiative

We started this initiative to form a strong network worldwide with different types of clinicians with their patientcohorts. There is a great need to improve young stroke care and knowledge. For these young patients, new risk factors should be identified to give them more certainty about the why did they get a stroke and what caused their stroke questions. More tailored prognostic models, in which clinicians can compare patients to profiled patient categories will enable them to give patients more answers that will help them cope with their stroke. Last, better knowledge about who should continue to use medication and in which patients it is safe to stop after a certain amount of time, will improve patient coherence, lower health insurance costs and improve quality of life (and medicalizating) of those patients that can stop.

As single centre studies often lack the power to reliably quantify the risk of future events, the effect of secondary prevention and to access functional outcome in young stroke, due to small patient numbers, the Global Outcome Assessment Life-long after stroke in young adults initiative was set up as an solution. The initiative consists of anonymous but still individual patient data regarding many aspects of young stroke. The ultimate purpose of the GOAL initiative is to perform individual patient data meta-analysis for questions in the young stroke field, using this database.